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Of course, the idea of turning off servers raises some important questions.

I'm not suggesting that you shut down Web servers and other critical servers that should be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To help give you an idea, I'd like to share some real-world examples of what some organizations have implemented to cut down on system idle time and reduce energy consumption.

The persons are only visible through a digital representation, while the surroundings are as analog as possible.

The sceneries are photographed places that invited to interaction – places that missed the company of human beings.

Dawn Burnett, CSA is founder of A New Dawn Natural Solutions, Inc.

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Searchmate is part of Dating Options Limited and has been successfully introducing couples to one another since 1998.

A published author of True Confessions of the Heart (Carpenter’s Son Publishing; Ingram Distribution), Dawn's premiere book is an inspirational autobiography, demonstrating how, through the use of natural medicine, readers can heal their lives from the inside out — just as she has done herself.

Her forthcoming book, Connect, How To Know If He’s Really Your Man, published by Health Communications, Inc., shifts the focus to dating and personal relationships, putting Dawn's insightful voice at the forefront.

The milieu adds a new meaning to the way the digital personas act, and gives their simplified characteristics meaning and personality again, by adding a setting to their digital components.

The project looks directly at the dichotomy of digital and analog processes, juxtaposing one against the other, and challenges viewers to make sense of what seems like a fractured image.