Trend not updating clients

We’ll continue to think about – and work on bringing together – the three main interlocking strands of our business: content, methodology and community.

I’ll be publishing a follow-up piece shortly that looks at how we plan to advance these over the coming 12 months.

Back when the industry was hard-drive and paper-based, it was a big hassle for clients to change their accountant.

Now, with much less (if any) paper involved, clients can switch with just a few clicks.

:), insights and feedback in 2016: we truly appreciate it.

And we’ll do our best to continue bringing you the freshest, most provocative, most useful, most light-bulb-moment-triggering trends and innovations in our quest to inspire and empower you to delight customers and make their lives better.

Since this software looked quite complex (big attack surface) I decided to take a closer look at it.

With all that’s going on it can hard to know where to focus your efforts.With the release of v Sphere 6.5.0b, we are proud to announce the first update to the v Sphere Client!Those that have been using our Flings will not be surprised by the list of functionality updates for the v Sphere Client.Luckily, we’ve picked out 6 big changes to keep in mind so you can offer more value to your clients and stay ahead of these accounting trends. Keeping clients’ books in the cloud means they’re never more than a few clicks away from an up-to-date view of their business.However, that very convenience also brings some unexpected problems.