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Also, in spite of what 'Programmer and Game Designer' may lead you to believe, he is UNDERweight. In spite of what the word 'Team' may lead you believe, he is the only member.So if the name doesn’t give it away, Alice is the main focus of our tale.As the story goes, the protagonist (that’s you) was randomly walking in the woods one day when he runs into Alice and thus makes her acquaintance that way.Of course, that probably leaves a lot of people with the question:?The answer to that question is considerably more complex than you might think.One surprisingly big piece of PC gaming news has mostly slipped through the cracks recently: Touhou Project, perhaps the biggest indie success in Japan, is finally making its way westward.Playism, the Osaka-based publisher who recently grabbed headlines with successful Kickstarter campaigns for La Mulana 2 and Night Cry, has inked a deal to digitally distribute the series’ games in English starting with the latest full release, Double Dealing Character.

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Generally, mythical entities that all look like LITTLE GIRLS.The answer to that is simple: The official character art sucks.The series revolves around a Miko (Shinto Shrine Maiden) named Reimu Hakurei (the pale, almost zombie looking girl pictured above), who lives in a magical world named Gensokyo.When ZUN first created his humble SHMUP on the good ol PC-98, he probably didn’t expect it to explode in popularity like it has, but explode it did and today Touhou has formed its own community of widespread fanworks that has reached out to a huge audience in all forms and shapes.Outside of SHMUPS, Touhou fangames include RPGs both turn-based and action, platformers, Strategy games…