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Russell Wendell Simmons was born in Queens, New York, on October 04, 1957.He had his first exposure to hip-hop in 1977 while hanging out in a dance club.At the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club, where her husband played over the weekend, she told Clarisa Ru, the wife of the club’s president, she was making good progress.“She told me: 'I’m actually allergic to horses, but the more time one spends with them the less allergic you become,’ “ says Ru, who adds that the Duchess of Cambridge is now able to ride horses.He also acted as the “manager” of his friend and budding rapper Curtis Walker who later became known as Kurtis Blow.Simmons co-wrote Walker’s single “Christmas Rappin’” in 1979 and was among the first few hip-hop tracks to be aired on the radio. In 1984 Simmons founded the record label Def Jam along with fellow producer Rick Rubin. He would never associate himself with this type of chick because she was just a fun thing for him and it was never serious. Dan – set to inherit £300million – is dating Ukrainian model Sasha Volkova, 24, who has been linked to Mickey Rourke and Axl Rose. Axl maybe a lot of things, but stupd isn't one of them. Article rank The Mail on Sunday £ 300m Dan embarks on another Amazon adventure ONLY weeks after ending his twoyear relationship with Puerto Rican model Astrid Munoz, publishing heir Dan Macmillan has found an even more exotic lady with whom to pass his evenings.

Aside from his contributions that helped spread the genre, Simmons is also a successful businessman with dozens of ventures that add up to his impressive wealth.

Also, you can expect to see her make an appearance in the upcoming “Baywatch” film set for release in May.

Considering she’s 47 and the type wild & crazy life she has enjoyed over the years, I feel like Pamela Anderson is in a pretty good place!

She recently announced that her acting career is heading into a more ‘artistic chapter.’ Hmm, so does that mean she won’t do any more homemade sex tapes on boats? This Is What Happens When You Give Weed To A Toddler [Dlisted] – HOLY!

Pam Anderson Just Aged 30 Years with A Single Haircut.