Phonegap splash screen not updating

A file named should be created in your res/drawable folder. You need to refer to the 9patch splash screen you’ve made earlier (use the filename without the extension). Copy the splash screens in your drawable directory Since we have created only one 9patch splash screen, first I though it was enough to simply put in the res/drawable folder of your app.Configure the splash screen in your Droid Gap extension Next, you need to refer to the splash screen in your App’s Main Activity, which extends the Phonegap Droid Gap class. However, it appeared that Android takes this to be a mdpi splash screen and it will still rescale and resize it to ie.It is also possible clear this cache on application startup with the code below.I'm using Phone Gap Build 3.0, attempting to get rid of the blank white screen that appears after the splash screen.You can download Visual Studio from the Microsoft Download Center.

We support classic, retina, i Phone 5 and i Pad displays.

To add a splash screen in a Phone Gap Android application, first create a splash image in png format and copy it to the project's res/drawable folder.

Also, when using webview in android application, cache is getting bigger and bigger with dynamic content.

Making wireframes and implementing that cool feature that makes the app different from all other apps.

And eventually, when the implementation is almost finished you start working on the other stuff that is needed for your app, like the App store images and texts and the splash screens.