Dating questions for women christian carter

Carter shows you how to regain the power in a relationship, feel in control, and avoid dangerous relationships. Men who see a woman exude these in-control qualities view her as someone to spend time with in the future.You’re shown how to spot a player, how men want more than physical qualities, and what you must do to be seen as “relationship material”.

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Books on love and relationships can fill libraries, yet covers those subjects and more by also helping women in the initial stages of a relationship when man and woman are strangers to each other.

I’m willing to bet that you’ve met a man, felt an amazing connection with him, become emotionally and physically involved, and then found out that his feelings for you just weren’t as deep or serious as he led on… In fact, you might have seen this happen several times in your experiences with men.

Meanwhile, you can’t believe that other women around you seem to have it so much easier, find great guys, and “fall into” those amazing, deep, meaningful relationships that never seem to find you… The amazing thing here is that women who DO find these great men and relationships are usually just “regular gals.” It’s obviously not just their good looks that makes it easy for them. Wouldn’t it be great to know what these women are doing…

and to know exactly what you aren’t doing that’s keeping you from having real love and connection in your life too?

And wouldn’t it be great to be able to get inside the heads of a bunch of the women who had already been there and figured it out, and the men they were dating, too?