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We are both completely comfortable with his bed-wetting and diapers and it’s actually fun getting him ready for bed.

I took over getting him diapered and its really made us closer.

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If the 8-year-old does find out, then your husband should be matter-of-fact about it and explain he has a condition—fortunately the child doesn’t—that means he sometimes wets the bed at night.The only issue is hiding his special nightwear from the kids. Is this something that should be hidden and if so, from what age range?So far, the 8-year-old has not discovered the secret, but routinely comes to our room at 4 a.m. We’re wondering what impact that discovery would have on the kids.haha 9/13 Green Day @ Matress Firm Amphitheater 9/22 U2 Joshua Tree Tour @ Qualcomm 10/1 The Shins and Spoon @ Cal Coast Open Air Theatre at SDSC 10/6 Depeche Mode @ Matress Firm Amphitheater 10/12 The National @ SDSU Open Air Theater 10/18 Arcade Fire @ Viejas 11/20 Mogwai @ Observatory pretty much what Steve said, except they aren't made of paper for obvious reasons and are even dishwasher safe! have a pee-mate which is pretty much the same, but I'm not very good at using it and I restrict its use to porta potties. girls are gross and whenever I have to pee I can use the urinal in the porta potty instead of dealing with a nasty seat or hovering.